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Thank you to all who showed an interest in this class.  It is now full.

Introduction to Tudor Embroidery

From the final years of opus anglicanum through the last of the Elizabethan, professional embroiderers plied their needles in a variety of techniques and designs using a fabulous array of fabrics and threads in silk, metal, linen and of course traditional English wool. Join me for this ten-week course charting the path of Tudor Embroidery through a long century of turmoil and triumph.

Each week there will be a new set of videos providing step by step detailed instructions. There are five motifs in all, each highlighting a different form of Tudor embroidery using a variety of fabrics, threads and materials. The weekly Zoom sessions will feature a bit of history connected to various aspects of the sample embroidery – the design, the fabrics, the threads it incorporates and we’ll also learn about the human factor – the people who earned their living by the “arte and mistery of broderie” and the clients who valued their skill.

A kit will be provided with all the fibres and fabrics you’ll need including linen thread, three types of silk thread, ten different metal threads, and velvet, wool and silk ground fabrics. You can choose whether you prefer to complete the motifs as individual projects or on one larger sampler. Please note: Supplies for this class are not historically accurate – true re-creations of the metal threads have not yet been successfully achieved and the cost of 100% silk velvet is prohibitive. Where possible I have selected materials as close to the originals as possible.

Classes will begin after everyone has received their kit – probably not until mid June. The Zoom session will be offered twice a week (or three depending on numbers) at different times of the day on Friday/Saturday to ensure everyone who wants to attend can - but attendance is not mandatory as they will be recorded and available on the website with the instructional videos.  An intermediate skill level is recommended.

You will need to provide the following supplies: If you choose the separate project approach you will need at least two 12” scroll frame with 8” side bars or two 12” slate frames (or one of each). If you prefer to complete all the motifs on a single sampler you will need a 12” scroll or slate frame and 18” (or 24”) slate frame and the string and twill tape (5 feet) for framing up. You will also need standard embroidery equipment including: beeswax, mellor or laying tool, tweezers, thimbles, scissors (two pair fine) needles (embroidery or crewel 6, 8, 10, short sharp beading 12, and chenille 20), velvet cutting board, ruler, pins, pencil, .01 micron pen colour #12 brown, pounce powder and applicator, good quality watercolour paintbrush size 000 or 00, white watercolour paint in a block or tube, white craft glue that dries clear and won’t yellow.