Travel Schedule 2020

Rhythm of the Needle

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, 

Seminar 2020 has been cancelled.

21 – 25 May 2020

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Embroiderers’ Association of Canada


Strawberry is inspired by botanical illustrations of fruits and flowers published in England in the 16th century. The delicate strawberry flower and delectable fruits sparkle with highlights of silver and hints of gold. 

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The Queen’s Needlecase

This project is the joint inspiration of Cynthia Jackson & Mike Parr. Working together, they have created their own idea of the type of needlecase Marie Antoinette might have used. This piece is worked in goldwork and surface embroidery with appliquéd elements on Dupioni silk.

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Boston Stitch Party

4 – 8 September 2020

Boston, Massachusetts 

Embroiderers’ Guild of America


Cherry is a companion piece to Strawberry.  Layers of colored silks worked in simple embroidery stitches are combined with 16th century metal thread layering techniques.

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This lovely band bracelet is stitched flat using traditional goldwork techniques and a choice of colored metal threads. It also features crystal highlights and the crystal closure is adjustable making it suitable for all sizes.

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Mariner's Compass

The Mariners’ Compass was a popular motif during the late 16th century when exploration and settlement of New England was beginning in earnest. This three-dimensional design is inspired by the embroidery on a mariner’s scarf made for Sir Francis Drake.

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Beating Around the Bush

30 September - 7 October 2020

Adelaide, Australia

Inspirations Magazine

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Eglantine is inspired by a 16th century botanical illustration by the French artist Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues.  'La Clef des champs' was published in London in 1586 as a book of models to be used for painting and embroidery.  The volume was dedicated to his patron Lady Mary Sidney, a writer and accomplished needlewoman.  The sprig is worked on a ground of ivory satin in layers of fine coloured silk and metal threads in gold and silver, bringing the delicate blooms to life.