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If you have registered, here is the list of supplies you will need to have on hand when we start the class:

2 sets of 10” x 10” stretcher bars and one set of 8” x 8” stretcher bars and tacks

#10, #12, #20 chenille, (a selection of sizes of round eyed needles are handy too)

3 x #10 milliner’s needles

A printer and paper to print the patterns

Velvet board

Measuring tool

2B pencil and burnishing tool (spent ball point pen will work)

Wax, tweezers, mellor, laying tool or awl

Fine embroidery scissors, fine embroidery scissors for metal thread

Shears, xacto knife and extra blades

Compass with a soft pencil and tape

Micron pen .01 black

Needle nose pliers


YLI #215 yellow and YLI Black or Superior Kimono silk thread 301 yellow and 380 black

If you have any questions, please email me at 

[email protected]